Welcome to the Rock Pit!

Catch Sir Xavier Rock in the Rock Pit. 

Move left and right as you avoid rocks being hurled at you. Watch out for the health bar as the rocks can blow a hefty blow!

Inspired by a very old iOS game "8-Bit Ninja", I have created this in almost a month. Hopefully I was able to at least get close to recreating the feeling and the game play of that legendary game. 

Playable on Mobile As Well

Use WASD to Move or the touch controls if your on your phone.

Pick up the Health Coins to regain health and Shield Coins, to shield yourself from the rocks

Sound Effects by: https://www.zapsplat.com/

Character Model by: Vector Arcade

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to comment below!


Development log


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This is not game of the year . This is game of the life .

 10/10 , would definitely play again . Can't wait to see what new things you come up with next.

As a fellow traveler of life, I thank you.


I really enjoyed playing rock pit. It is highly addictive and very fun. Can't wait to see what else the creator has to offer.

thanks you dedicated follower <3

No problem :) You have made an amazing game. You deserve all the praise