A downloadable Health Bars

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Heres another set of health bars!

Added a health bar made of beer as well. Check it out!

Health Bars for you, Perfect for your pixel games. 

  • Fully customizable (PSD file provided).  Feel free to change it to fit your work
  • Pixel Health Bars
  • 4 More Health Bars Included
  • Free for commercial use.
  • Version 2 of the Asset Pack.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated, leave them in the comments section.

Check out the other version:

Check out my games:

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAction, Role Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, bar, free, healthbar, pixel, Pixel Art, Simple


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Health Bar Asset Pack 2 by Adwit Rahman.zip 92 kB
Health Bar Asset Pack 2 by Adwit Rahman.rar 87 kB

Development log


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Hey Adwitr, thanks a bunch for designing the health bars. They turned out very useful. I made a quick game with it and credited you. If you're interested in the game, feel free to check it out here: https://pastaplease.itch.io/sword-instructor-gerald


Glad to hear that, I would love to check it out thank you!

Can I use this in commercial projects

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Yes, you can. Feel free to drop a link to the project too, I would love to check it out!


it’s not ready but when it’s ready I will drop a link down

is it ready now? :D

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Sorry Bro not yet because I found some hard to fix bug I will fix them and I want to fix some more because I want this game to be a very polished game


"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."

-Shigeru Miyamoto

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Very cool art! I used one of your bars and colored it orange for my game "Space Schooler", you can find it on my profile!

I will definitely give that a look


Your health bars are amazing! I used it to create a music video about fighting arcade games, it's my first few animation projects though so it's a little choppy. Thank you for sharing these, very helpful!!

I have watched it and it's pretty good. Good stuff mate.


Isnt it only me or the heart looking kinda TH...

████████╗  ██╗░░██╗  ██╗  ░█████╗░  ░█████╗░ ╚══██╔══╝  ██║░░██║  ██║  ██╔══██╗  ██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░  ███████║  ██║  ██║░░╚═╝  ██║░░╚═╝ ░░░██║░░░  ██╔══██║  ██║  ██║░░██╗  ██║░░██╗ ░░░██║░░░  ██║░░██║  ██║  ╚█████╔╝  ╚█████╔╝ ░░░╚═╝░░░  ╚═╝░░╚═╝  ╚═╝  ░╚════╝░  ░╚════╝


i see a man of culture

a man of culture indeed

Hi the file is stating it is password protected but I don't see a password listed in the description.  Thanks.

Heyy that's not supposed to be the case. I am reuploading the file right now

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I reuploaded the file. Added a .zip version as well. Try opening that and if that still doesn't work I will be happy to send you a drive link with the folder. 

Zip file working now.  Thanks for sorting it so quickly.

No worries! Glad I could fix it. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Your work is really good, I want to give you some of my money, but I don't have.

Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you so much and don't worry about it!


Would it be possible to specify the license in the description of the assets, they look great!

Specify the license? I mean it’s completely free to use. Do you mean that?


Yeah like a GPL / CC / MIT license.

It would just confirm that it's free to use. 

I've seen many developers be scared to use assets in case an artist pivoted and edited the post to include "you must pay...etc".

These are awesome, can I use them in a project?

Yes of course,  use there wherever you want!

And be sure to send me a link of the game :D

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You rock dude!

Adding you to my discord

Here is mine: iamnexxed#7221

thanks appreciate it.

adding you as well. Hit me up sometimes


Okay, to the author of this asset... I freaking love you!

I have been scouring all kinds of assets and couldn't find health bars at all.  You just saved me a lot of time and literally money because I was about to buy a health bar kit.

Hahaha thank you. Feel free to use it wherever you want to!

also if you need help with making a health pack for your game then you can always hit me up! Always looking for new people to work with

discord: adwitr#1164


May i use this for commercial purposes?


You can use it wherever you want!