A downloadable asset pack

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Free Buttons with customizable bases.

Make this pixel button suit your game or art style.

PSD File Included 

Also check out my game "Mort": https://adwitr.itch.io/mort

Leave a comment below for any suggestions :D

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, assetpack, Buttons, Controller, free, one-button
InputsGamepad (any)
AccessibilityOne button


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ButtonAssetPack-Adwitr.zip 45 kB


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Hi! How do I use them. I opened them and I can see they are togheter. How do I split them?


That depends on you, if you have a Game engine such as Unity then use an Image Editor kind of thing and split images there.

nvm it worked after I watched a tutorial, thx anyways

ah okay! Good luck on your game;

You can use any image editing software to split them up and save them individually, but yeah if you are using Unity then you can split them on the engine and use them separately. 

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So Simple So great! i like it (edit: hope you don't mind if I edit it)


No problem at all. Feel free to use it however you like and be sure to drop a link to the project so I can check it out as well


Hey these look great I will use these for sure!

So glad to hear that! make sure to drop a link to your project so I can check it out as well


Okay I will!


really love the buttons using it in my next update for my game! :) thank you!


I am super glad you loved them. Do drop a link to your game when you release it!

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well its already released but its an old version that im updating but here: https://jordancup.itch.io/cover-yourself-in-blood


I just released my update :)


Alright I will make sure to check it out!


hi im making an android game and could i use your assets and you will be credited 

Hey, yes feel free to use it wherever you want.


Hi Great assets, I used them in my mini-game (credited you of course). It's not much, I'm still a newbie, but hey we all have to start somewhere. Have a wonderful day!


That's great to hear! I am glad my assets are helping you. Gonna go check out your game then!


Hi i used your's bottons in my videogame 

Glad to hear it! Send me a link to your game. I would love to play it 


Is this free for commercial use?

yup its completely free